Currently I am copywriter at Droog on a freelance basis, writing for the website, the blog and on twitter.

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Pioneers of Change, festival of Dutch design, fashion and architecture curated by Renny Ramakers, Sept 2009

I wrote the project texts and the blog.


Gift Guide
Canadian Interiors Magazine
Nov/Dec 2006

Designer Identikit
Azure Magazine
Oct 2006

Rebels with a cause…?
A product of their time, French studio 5.5 Designers advocate “the remedial treatment of objects.”

Edited by Kelly Rude
Dec 2006 (unpublished)

Reluctant to produce new forms, Vincent Baranger, Jean Sébastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé and Claire Renard of the Parisian studio 5.5 Designers are exemplary of the zeitgeist in the confl uence of art and design, where making a statement is more important than an object’s function or materials. Driven by this alternative approach, already mainstream in the niche of the intellectual design world they inhabit, these youngstars (born in the early 80s and graduates of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art in 2003), have in a very short time, amassed an impressive track record of projects.

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Milan Offsite Report 2006
Canadian Interiors Magazine

Treading the streets of Milan amidst the design-enthusiast crowds and bustling car and motorbike traffic, several distinct schools of thought revealed themselves from one Interni-marked site to the next.

Continuing the trend we saw last exploited year, there were those who pursued ornamentation as the proper response to the emptiness of minimalism. Seen in Droog’s ‘Garden of Delight’ exhibit, were decorative Royal vinyl transfers applied onto a frosted plexi-glass garden house, decorative foliage patterns appearing on concrete tiles when they are wet, along with decorative foliage lace made into a parasol that keeps the water away while casting shadows of a tree. High conceptual content aside, this approach continues to be reactionary and soon the time will come to move on.

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In collaboration with Renny Ramakers and contibuting writers, currently I am working on a publication series of Droog Lab, starting with a documentation and deepening of the project, Droog al Arab.

Designers on Jewellery
Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2008

Wallpaper City Guide (Toronto)
contributor and assistant to city editor, Kelly Rude
Phaidon Press, London 2007

Source 01: The Shape of Justice
Editorial team
Episode Publishers, Rotterdam 2007